Diane Feldman

Diane_FeldmanDiane T. Feldman is founder and President of The Feldman Group, Inc., a national strategic research firm, founded in 1989, which works for Democratic candidates for public office, progressive organizations, and issue groups.

The Feldman Group has helped elect ten United States Senators, five Governors, thirty members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Mayors from Los Angeles to Hattiesburg. We have also worked with six presidential campaigns, including Obama for America in 2012.

Feldman has polled in Mississippi since the 1980s and currently works with Congressman Bennie G. Thompson, Mississippi One Voice and Better Schools Better Jobs.

The Feldman Group has worked extensively on issues related to civil rights and civil liberties.  We helped defeat the so-called racial privacy initiative in California, pass an initiative supporting bilingual education in Colorado, and defeat a voter ID law in 2012 in Minnesota.  Feldman served on the advisory board of Protecting Our Vote, a political action committee committed to educating the public regarding restrictive voting laws, mobilizing voters to take action at the polls, and protecting the right to vote.